SP-814C Pneumatic 1-color pad printer

1. Each function controlled by microprocessor for easy operation;
2. Five-digit auto counter built in;
3. High quality aluminium alloy is used to make structure solid and weight light;
4. Ink roller is used for ink covering, so it is easy to clean, install and uninstall;
5. Independent pad up/down stroke and speed adjustment;
6. Auto balanced doctor blade available for efficient ink scraping;
7. Printing speed adjustable to fulfil various requirements;
8. "Inking twice, printing once" for thick ink film;
9. Able to sweep forward/backward without lowering pad to avoid ink drying at intervals;
10. 2-color and 1-color printing available;
11. Drying with auto air blowing for easy color registration.

Standard plate size 100x100mm
Worktable 115x200mm
Max.substrate height 200mm
Max.printing speed 1300pcs/hr
Air consumption 86L/min(6bar)
Dimensions 662x412x1310mm
Weight 75Kg