Pneumatic 2-Color Pad Printer with Rotary Table

Auto unloading system
Turntable utilizing for workpiece loading, unloading and printing simultaneously, safty and consistency guaranteed.
Durable microprocessor controls and simplifies the operations for high automation.
High quality aluminum structure used for light weight and long life.
Ink flooding by ink roller that is convenient for loading, unloading and cleaning.
Independent adjustment on printing stroke and printing speed for each pad.
Auto balanced doctor blade ensures efficient scraping.
"Twice ink sticking for once printing" function is designed for getting thicker ink and better printing result.
Ink flooding is available that prevent ink from fast drying when at intervals
Auto air blowing device is adopted for fast ink adhesion after ink transfering.



Standard plate size 100x100 mm
Worktable -
Max.substrate height -
Max.printing speed 1000 pcs/hr
Air consumption 200 L/min (6bar)
Dimensions 1210x850x1458 mm
Weight 200 Kg


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