Pneumatic 2-color pad printer with shuttle

1.Microprocessor controls each function and operation is easy;
2.Ink is applied by ink roller which is easy to remove and clean;
3.Independent adjustment on pad up/down stroke and speed;
4.Doctor blade is balanced automatically and ink is scraped cleanly;
5.Adjustable printing speed meets different requirements;
6.Be able to sweep forward/backward without lowering pad to avoid ink drying when paused;
7.Twice inking and once printing are available so to get thicker ink film.





Standard plate size 150x100 mm
Worktable 128x140 mm
Max.substrate height 100mm
Max.printing speed 1000 pcs/hr
Air consumption 132 L/min (6bar)
Dimensions 776x602x1340 mm
Weight 145 Kg


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